Single plate or complete lined steel component, – we understand the demands of our customers and provide a wide product range:

  • standard and custom-made plates
  • standard and custom-made mosaic-tiles
  • standard and custom-made mats
  • grinding media
  • cylinders and bends
  • engineered, machined tiles for custom-made linings
  • tiles vulcanised in rubber
  • complete lined steel components

Special advantages of CERAWEAR by Bakony:

Best and proven quality with competitive prices
References in international markets
Extreme short and reliable delivery time for standards due to internet sales
Flexible and short delivery time for engineered solutions
Complete range supplier: including lined steel components


CERAWEAR standard products are universally used in wear resistant applications. Bakony provide a wide range of shapes with short delivery times. Most items are available even by internet sales.


CERAWEAR mats consist of small mosaic plates glued on acetat silk or on other special medium.

Standard size of mats: 500x500 mm Standard thickness: 3–12 mm

Standard mats consist of 10x10 or 20x20 mm square tiles or SW20 mm hexagonal tiles.

Special sizes upon request.
Please check avaibility by using internet-sales at our web-site or inquire directly at our sales department.

CERAWEAR standard tiles

CERAWEAR standard tiles are used to solve wear problems especially on even surfaces. Special sizes and design (like plates with hole) are available upon request. Available from 6 mm thickness.

Standard sizes:

lenght width thickness
150 100 6–75 mm
100 100 6–75 mm

Please check avaibility by using internet-sales at our web-site or inquire directly at our sales department.

CERAWEAR grinding media

Wear resistant high alumina grinding balls and grinding cylinders

Sizes on request of customer



CERAFIX glues for fixing CERAWEAR materials

Bakony offers special fixing materials for fixing CERAWEAR.

Our program:

CERAFIX-E Epoxy harz glue for fixing at normal temperatures, up to 80°C. 
CERAFIX-EH Epoxy harz glue for fixing at high temperatures up to 150°C.
CERAFIX-S Silicon glue for fixing at normal temperatures up to 80°C.
CERAFIX-SH Silicon glue for fixing at high temperatures up to 250°C.

Please contact our sales department for advice in case of special applications.


Engineered linings for steel components

Production of engineered linings is a speciality of Bakony. CAD software is used to design wear resistant lining for your components. Machining before sintering makes us able to provide linings with complex and 3 dimensional shapes as a cost-effectiv solution.

Thickness available from 6 mm up to 150 mm.



Engineered linings for steel pipes

CERAWEAR cylinders and segments offer durable wear protection for straight steel pipes and bends. Our special products are engineered and designed to related projects of our customers. Due to superior wear resistant properties of CERAWEAR high protection is provided even at small wallthicknesses, offering weight-saving solutions for pipe transport systems.

Available with inner diameter ø40 – ø200 mm.
Special sizes upon request.

Lined steel components

As a complete range supplier Bakony provides not only ceramic lining material, but also related complete services, including design, manufacturing, lining and delivery of steel components.


CERAFLEX ceramic/rubber components

CERAFLEX ceramic/rubber components are perfect combination of hardness and flexibilty.

CERAWEAR small plates or tiles are vulcanised into the rubber backing with appr. 50 Shora A hardness, offering high impact and noise reduction beside of excellent abrasion resistance. Special rough surface of CERAWEAR small plates improves boonding between CERAWEAR/rubber.

CERAFLEX panels are engineered and designed to the needs of our customers. Our standard program includes mats 500x500 mm consisting 20x20 mm square tiles or SW20 mm hexagonal tiles with various thicknesses vulcanised into 4 mm rubber backing.


CERAWEAR used in industrial applications extent life time of components and saves costs. Main industries:


  • ball mills and other
  • equipments for:
  • mining industry
  • mineral processing
  • etc.


Material processing

Components for pneumatic and hydraulic separation in

  • paper industry
  • mining industry
  • mineral processing
  • etc.



Mixers and other special equipments for:

  • concrete industry
  • refractory industry
  • foundries
  • etc.

Pneumatic and hydraulic transportation pipes

Pipelines (bends and straight pipes) for:

  • ion & steel industry
  • cement industry
  • mining industry
  • coal fired power plants
  • etc.

Standard inner diameter between ø40 – ø200 mm.

Bakony Wear Tec. Ltd. continues his activity independently

Bakony Wear Tec. Ltd, the wear resistant specialist of the Bakony Group, continuous its activity - after 8 years co-operation with the Kalenborn group – 2013 in 100% Hungarian ownership and under the brand name CERAWEAR.

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